Touring the Venues

Visitors can take a bus or walk between the various venues dispersed over Mt. Rokko. Model courses will be introduced in due time. There is no set order for attending venues. You can enjoy the exhibition from a venue of your choice. Some venues do not have parking, so please check the information below.

Venue Map

Venue Introduction

Rokko Musical Box Museum & Gardens MORINONE
Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
Rokko Garden Terrace Area
Rokko Cable
(Rokko Cable Shita Sta., Sanjyo Sta., Tenran Observatory)
Trail Area
Chapel of the Wind Area
Rokko-Arima Ropeway Sancho Station
Hyogo Prefectural Mt. Rokko Visitor Center
(Memorial Monument)
Rokkosan Silence Resort

How to Get Around


The Rokko Sanjyo Bus operates to connect the various facilities on the mountain.

* IC cards cannot be used for payment.
Clickherefor bus schedules

Schedules change depending on the time of year. Please confirm the details before your visit.


Parking areas provided at each location on the mountain.
Clickherefor fees, etc.
Visitors can park at Rokko Musical Box Museum & Gardens MORINONE, Rokko Garden Terrace Area and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden as many times as they wish on the same day with a single common parking ticket.


You can also walk to and from the Trail Area and between some of the facilities. We recommend you wear comfortable shoes.
Check the Venue Map for details.

* Please be careful on paths with narrow pedestrian spaces.

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